Jaeschke's of Tarranyurk have been in the farm machinery engineering and service industry since the 1960's.  In that time, we sold, serviced and reconditioned machinery including, but not limited to, headers, clover harvesters, combines, airseeders, boom sprays, bulk handling equipment, belt shifters and grain augers.  Our sales and service extended to most states in Australia.  We also sold a very large quantity of grain augers and belt shifters in many different sizes and configurations.  This experience has given us a firm understanding of farmers and farming equipment.

After many years of selling, servicing and repairing augers, we made the move to manufacturing our own world class GrainRite augers with the release of 'The Green One' in 2011 at the Speed Field Days.  It was an instant success.  Many farmers commented on how well we addressed the problems they were having with other types of augers.  We sold out of our first years production in a few weeks.

At many and various field days where the GrainRite range of augers were subsequently displayed, many farmers have reported to us that we build the best augers within our range.  Our aim is to maintain this standing.


Farmers expect to receive quality and reliable machinery, along with good value for money.  Our focus when designing and building our range of GrainRite Augers is to ensure that each auger is built strong and solid, to last in Australia's harsh and demanding farming areas.  We use heavy materials to build our augers, and we build them so that they are simple to use and easy to maintain.  Our features are unique in design, yet all work together to result in a fabulous performing machine.  We believe that in business, there is nothing more satisfying than to talk to happy customers. We work hard to achieve this.

Users of our augers are our best sales personnel. Some customers have confidently returned to buy a second GrainRite auger. We believe if you make the product high standard, and you keep your customers happy, selling is much easier and ongoing.  This helps us to fund research and development.  It also helps us employ skilled workers in a rural factory located in a very small town called Tarranyurk.  Our staff are local people with very good skills.  They all take pride in their workmanship, and share in the accolades we receive regarding our GrainRite augers.

Ray, Maree and the team at GrainRite are extremely proud of our 2012 Wimmera Machinery Field Days award for Machine of the Year:

for the GrainRite 60' Self Propelled Auger